I make the commission process as easy and straightforward for the client as possible. Below details the different stages of commissioning, and a selection of prices so you get a good idea of what to expect before enquiring

Initial Consultation


The client and I will go through an initial consultation where we’ll agree on the exact image, design and layout of the portrait. This can be done in one phone conversation, email exchange, or multiple. The aim being that by the end of the consultation we are both on the same page before I start making the artwork. There is no specific timeframe for this, however if the client is running to a deadline then I can make sure their portrait takes priority. Once this is complete, a 50% deposit is required.

Making the Artwork


I only create my portraits from photographs, therefore no sitting is required from the client. Depending on size, an artwork is usually made within 1 – 2 months. Again, if the client is running to a deadline I can make sure their artwork takes priority and can shorten this timeframe. The client is welcome to check in at any point during the making of the piece, and I can send photographic updates.

Completion of the Artwork


Once I have completed the artwork I will send the client an invoice with the remaining amount to pay. Payment must be received within 30 working days from date on invoice. Delivery is free of charge. If you live abroad then a delivery charge of approximately £30 will be added to the total. (This is not a guaranteed price, this will be discussed nearer the time depending on the weight and size of the artwork and the location of the delivery.)



The below prices are approximations. The prices vary due to the detail of each individual artwork. An artwork that contains more detail or depicts two faces will cost a higher price than an artwork of just one face and a lesser amount of detail. The below table shows the two different price brackets. Portraits depicting more than one face will need to be of a larger size (80cm or above). I don’t make full body portraits; only head, shoulders and upper body. The artwork can be portrait, landscape or square shaped and is cut to the below measurements.


The below prices are negotiable. To enquire about a commission please contact me via the contact form.












If you require an artwork sized above 140cm then please contact me directly.

Payment Plans 


Payment plans are available. I can accept payments in up to 4 instalments over the space of 3 months. If this is something you’d be interested in then please let me know when enquiring.


All artwork is unframed; however, I can signpost and advise on framing options.

A deposit of 50% is requested before any work begins and the remaining cost is invoiced and due once the artwork is complete, and satisfactory to all parties. Payments are expected within 30 working days from date on invoice.

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