Digbeth Art Space

Edie, thread and nails on wooden board, 130x110cm, Digbeth Art Space, 2019

Consisting of various hand-stitched portraits, the exhibition aims to highlight the contrast of strength and fragility in women, exploring subjects such as, friendship, motherhood, bravery and independence.


The portraits include everyday citizens of Birmingham, who have a personal relationship with the artist, and a few female icons to show that regardless of financial gain, success, or background, as women, we continue to face the same challenges.


The work literally depicts the threads of a woman’s life – an individual piece of thread is, in itself, vulnerable and lacks strength. Thread is stronger when connected with other thread. This threadwork demonstrates the vulnerability of an individual, but also the strength of people when connected, providing an insight into human vulnerability, but also the solidarity and power we feel when being part of a community.