The eyes


In October 2020 I completed The Eyes for the entrance space of Art Quarter. This piece was particularly important to me as it pushed my technique to its limits.

The piece is installed at the top of the corridor; as the space opens up more and more the public will be able to view the work from varied distances and perspectives. I want the viewer to question the materials that the piece is made from, and be intrigued enough to view the piece close up. From afar the piece appears to be a drawing. As you get closer the piece appears to float above the frame, and that’s when you realise the piece is made out of nail and thread, that it isn’t flat against the wall and bridges the space between 2D and 3D.

The eyes I chose were deliberately gender-non-specific – I wanted the gender of the model to remain unknown so that you have no pre-conceived idea of who that person is. The eyes also have a focused look to them – I wanted to demonstrate the vision of Art Quarter as something ambitious, strong but supportive and nurturing. And feel I have shown this in the way the eyes look at the viewer.

You can view The Eyes at Art.Quarter 14-15 Allison St. Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5TH